Web development or WordPress theme development ?? Which one you should learn

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In this tutorial, today you will learn about the basics of web development. And with that, I will discuss the answer to some questions such as:-

  1. What’s the difference between web development and WordPress theme development?
  2. What is the difference between WordPress theme development and WordPress theme customization and which one is more profitable ??

Many people are very confused about these issues. In various groups on Facebook or Inboxed me on Facebook many people want to know whats the differences between web development and WordPress theme development. And for that purpose, I make this tutorial today. After this article, I hope you will get some ideas about these issues.

So let’s get started: –

Currently the demand, based on the freelancing marketplace, for WordPress in the freelancing sector is increasing day by day. Most of the people around the world are using WordPress software to create their website. Because using WordPress, Nobody doesn’t require any coding or programming for making or maintaining a website. Anyone can easily create and manage their own website.

On the other hand, there are many companies in the world, such as Facebook, Google and Wikipedia, who are using custom programming to create their own websites. Developing websites using programming languages.

So it can be said that there is a difference between web development and WordPress theme development – web development is the creation of custom programming from start to finish. Turn it into dynamic software using ruby ​​or python or any kind of programming language.

WordPress theme development, on the other hand, will give you a designed template. Now this template needs to be converted to WordPress by using coding or some of the internal functions of WordPress. And that’s called WordPress theme development. In both cases you need to know the programming language.

Now if you don’t like a programming language, then you can learn WordPress theme customization. In this case you have to know some of the popular WordPress theme usages like Avada theme, Jupiter, The7, Newspaper, Electro etc and also you need to know How to upload a logo, how to change the header area, with no options. Either way, how to change the sidebar, footer area, content area and many functions properly. And HTML and CSS should be at your fingertips as well. Nothing to fear about HTML CSS. They are not a programming language. They are a markup language by which a website’s structure is designed.

Now let’s know which of these skills is most in-demand in the market? And where do you learn from ??

Both have a lot of demand for freelancing marketplaces. You can work with theme development too. If you do not like programming, then you can also learn the theme customization. But nowadays more budget work is available (in my personal opinion) on WordPress theme development. There are many clients who hire theme developers to build their website. It is seen that many freelancers from Bangladesh get jobs in various companies abroad.

So if you want to learn them, then use YouTube and Google first to learn the basics of learning for free. Then when you get some basic knowledge, you could be admitted to a freelancing IT institute. Get to know them a little better before admission. And that is a wise thing to do.

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